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リロ珈琲喫茶は、ゆったり流れる時間に身を委ね、珈琲の深淵な世界を味わうにはこれ以上ない空間です。創業 46 年の喫茶店の閉業後を受け継ぐ形でスタートしたこちらでは、日本の珈琲文化を代表する純喫茶というカタチをリロの哲学に沿って再構築し、珈琲の官能的な魅力を五感で感じられる環境に仕上げました。






LiLo Coffee Roasters が「コーヒーの楽しさに気づく」場であるなら、リロ珈琲喫茶は「珈琲の深みに思いを馳せる」空間です。珈琲というどこまでも魅力的な液体にじっくり向き合いたいお客様が訪れる、熱心な常連様の多さが特徴の店舗でもあります。





▼A place for “contemplate the depth of coffee“

LiLo Coffee Kissa is the best place to feel the abyss of coffee as time flows quietly. This store has been opened by taking over the previous cafe which had been run for 46 years. We rebuilt the Japanese unique cafe style known as "Kissaten" in LiLo's philosophy, and set up an environment where you can feel the attraction of coffee with your five senses.

In this place, we have carefully chosen antique interior, furniture, luxury cups and tools, so that you can have comfortable service full of hospitality spirits. The time flows quietly and you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and you can realize that a cup of coffee shows various characters by using different brewing methods. We also have many fans who come to our seasonal drinks which baristas create with lots of trial and error. The customers are impressed by their presentation with a story and passionate thoughts. In addition, various events are held such as the conceptual tea party “Doubting What is Normal” by Yuka Sekine, and “the Ultimate Cup by Roaster Keita” by our head roaster Keita that he stuck to the finest presentation, extraction and service. We have taken many customers on the journey of deep thinking so far, and it has been very well received.


Let’s say LCR is “the place where you can realize the joy of coffee”, LiLo Coffee Kissa is “the space where you can contemplate the depth of coffee”then. A large number of enthusiastic regular customers, and the time that you can experience only the most attractive coffee are the features of our stores.