Cold Brew


【Cold Brew Water Jug】

Delicious cold-brew coffee

The extraction takes a very long time, about 8 hours.


However, it does not take much effort.

If you set it up at night, your  done by the next morning.


There are two extraction methods,

Continuously dripping water into the powder;

Then removing powder by filtering it after soaking it in water.


TAKEYA water jug ​​is the second extraction method.

Rich sweetness and soft bitterness that can only be obtained by cold-brewing, along with a rich scent.

Even the same beans are completely different in hot water and Cold-brewing.


■Brew Instructions

[5-6 cups]

Beans: 60g

Finished coffee: 710g

Time required: 8 hours


TAKEYA Dashi Jug

740g of water




step 1

Pour 740g (about 15mm below the sleeve) of water into the body.



step 2

Weigh 60g of beans and grind them in a mill.



step 3

Put the beans in the coffee filter and slowly soak in water.



step 4

Close the lid tightly and shake lightly several times to blend in the powder and water.



step 5

Place in the refrigerator and remove the filter after about 8 hours.



step 6

Delicious iced coffee.