Drip bag


【Drip Bag】

Drip back is easy to use for gifts, travel, sudden visitors and  coffee cravings.

You can enjoy coffee anywhere as long as you have hot water.

People tend to think that the more casual and easy to make it is, the less delicious it will be. However, if you follow the points, you can make good coffee with ease.

This Brew guide will tell you the essential points for delicious drip-bag coffee.

There are only 2 points to remember.

All you need to do is “measure the amount of hot water” and “pour properly”

per 1 serving:

1 Drip Bag (10g)

130g of drinking coffee

takes 2 minutes 


150g of 89 ℃ hot water 


* 6 oz (about 180g) cup . A cup where the grounds can be placed at the end of dripping.



step 1

Put hot water in the cup and keep warm.



step 2

Tap the top of the drip bag body to collect the coffee powder below, then carefully cut along the arrow.



step 3

Open the left and right hooks and fold the upper part inward.



step 4

Place on the cup and fix it firmly.



step 5

Pour a small amount of hot water and steam for 30 seconds. At this time, the standard amount of hot water is that hot water is applied to the whole powder.



step 6

Pour hot water and stop pouring after pouring to a place where powder does not spill.



step 7

When the water level drops, pour hot water again and repeat this several times.



step 8

Remove the drip bag when it reaches 150g.

* When there is no measurement, until the hot water is soaked with powder at the end of the 6 ounce (about 180g) cup.



step 8

Ready to drink