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As its name suggests, it is a clever mechanism.

A standing dripper that can extract stable coffee without any hassle.


At first glance it looks like a paper dripper,

Since the extraction method is fundamentally different, it is an immersion method in which coffee beans are immersed in hot water,

An extraction method similar to a French press.


By filtering with paper, it is finished in a clean and clear coffee.

Recommended for those who don't have time in the morning and want good coffee

This is an introductory dripper.

■ Brew Instructions

[1 cup]

Beans: 15g

Finished coffee: 200g

Duration: 4 minutes




step 1

Fold the paper, set it to fit the clever dripper, and place it on the mug.



step 2

Before putting the beans, boil the paper to remove the smell of paper and warm the mug with hot water.



step 3

Place the dripper on a flat surface.



step 4

Weigh 15g of beans and grind them into a medium grinder with a mill.



step 5

Set the beans and start drip.



step 6

At first, slowly add momentum and pour up to 210g.



step 7

Mix 10 times and cover.



step 8

Wait for 3 minutes 30 seconds from the beginning of pouring and place the dripper on the mug.



step 9

Extract over 30 seconds.



step 10

Delicious coffee.