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As its name suggests, it is a clever mechanism.

A standing dripper that can extract stable coffee without any hassle.


At first glance it looks like a paper dripper,

Since the extraction method is fundamentally different, it is an immersion method in which coffee beans are immersed in hot water,

An extraction method similar to a French press.


By filtering with paper, it is finished in a clean and clear coffee.

Recommended for those who don't have time in the morning and want good coffee

This is an introductory dripper.

■ Brew Instructions

[1 cup]

Beans: 15g

Finished coffee: 200g

Duration: 4 minutes


1.Fold the paper, set it to fit the clever dripper, and place it on the mug.


2.Before putting the beans, boil the paper to remove the smell of paper and warm the mug with hot water.


3.Place the dripper on a flat surface.



4.Weigh 15g of beans and grind them into a medium grinder with a mill.


5.Set the beans and start drip.


6.At first, slowly add momentum and pour up to 210g.


7.Mix 10 times and cover.


8.Wait for 3 minutes 30 seconds from the beginning of pouring and place the dripper on the mug.


9.Extract over 30 seconds.

10.Delicious coffee.