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Special day

The cup that colors your life.

Reasons why LiLo Coffee Roasters coffee is delicious.

・ Good quality green beans.

・ Roasting to get the intended flavours

・ Telling the story of the beans properly.

We support wholesalers with a focus on these three points.

Delicious coffee has more power than you can imagine and gives you a tremendous amount of energy.

Would you like to cheer up the world with delicious coffee?

It can be anywhere in the world as well as in Japan.

Please feel free to contact us.

~ Green beans ~

There are also green beans that are only available with LiLo Coffee Roasters.

There are also coffees that have been produced by going to the country of origin, and working locally from harvesting to refining.

Moreover, information always comes from the importers who have established trusting relationships.

We check the quality and taste by ourselves, and buy only raw beans that have the right potential.

We always have a wide range of single-origin specialty coffees.

You can also make an original blends.

It is possible to make your own unique coffee.

~ Roasting ~

There are three things that are important in the roasting process to make our coffee more characteristic.

①First impact

Once we taste coffee with a big impact at the moment of drinking.

"I want to spread this coffee more and more"

We think that the impression given by the first sip is very important because it leaves such a strong impression with just one taste.

From start to finish we make coffee with strong impact.

② Potential

It is also important to maximize the potential of green beans.

By roasting taking into account the ingredients, the characters of the beans are clearly visible.

③ Sweetness

Regardless of the degree of light roasting, deep roasting or medium roasting, we believe that the best word to express good coffee is “sweet”.

In order to express the sweetness as much as possible, we have made delicate adjustments and researched the roasting profile.

~ Know-how ~

We have entered this coffee industry from a few different industries.

There is a point of view unique to us.

What should I say and how?

There is know-how to make coffee taste delicious.

It is possible to give advice on how to communicate and brand according to your environment.

▼ Coffee Total Support


LiLo Coffee Roasters sells to a wide variety of companies, stores, and other companies that offer coffee, such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, pastry shops, and beauty salons.


Business partners: Japan, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, etc.


・ Wholesale of coffee beans

We always have around 20 types of specialty coffees.

You can choose the best beans that match your concept.

Since there are many types, it is possible to express originality.

・ Create original blends

We will listen to the customer's concept and work together to create the best blends.

Because there are many choices and a wide range of tastes, it is possible to respond flexibly to customer's preferences.

・ Barista training

Even beginners who have never brewed coffee can be trained.

We also provide training for clients who can use the service for a longer terms.

Please feel free to consult us.

・ Coffee equipment / equipment and kitchen equipment selection

Even if there is no regular equipment, we will propose the optimal equipment according to the store size.

By using our business experience and liasing between our clients and manufacturers, we can smoothly prepare for first time store owners.

Please feel free to contact us.


▼ Order Operation

・ Roasting and delivery  every Monday and Thursday.

  Order by 24:00 on Sunday → Monday roasting → Tuesday QC and shipping

  Wednesday Orders by 24:00 → Thursday roasting → Friday QC and shipping

Ordering is very smooth because you only receive a message from the wholesaler's LINE account.

* The LINE  account will be communicated after the contract.

* In addition, please consult us as it may be possible to deal with urgent cases depending on the situation.

・ Consult us to the form below


  Your company name (store name)

  Representative, person in charge

  Contact information

  Contents etc.


※Regarding the business in Mainland China (except Hong Kong), please contact our exclusive agency.

Moriya Coffee Company/森夜倉庫(←Click here)

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