【Aero Press】

Aero press is an American extractor, popular in Norway.

It uses air pressure as a syringe and

Coffee is extracted by the dripping method.


With simple usage, it’s quick with a stable taste and  easy clean up.


Because you can easily apply pressure,

You can draw even the oil of coffee without waste,

It is the best extraction method to enjoy a characteristic flavor and a sweet after-taste of 

speciality coffee.


This is a particularly recommended extraction method for lightly roasted beans.

1 serving uses:

15g Coffee beans

Makes 200g of coffee

Time: 2 minutes 



220g of 89℃ water


step 1

Put hot water in the mug and keep warm.



step 2

Set the aero press upside down.



step 3

Weigh 15g of beans and grind them into a medium grinder with a mill.



step 4

Set the beans and start drip.




step 5

Pour 40g and steam for 40 seconds. (Fresh beans will swell a little.)



step 6

Pour 180g of hot water , stir 10 times and wait for 1 minute.



step 7

Prepare the both filters with boiling water.



step 8

Attach the filter, turn it over and place it on the server.



step 9

Extract coffee for about 20 seconds while applying pressure.


step 10

Delicious coffee.