Melitta Paper Hand Dripper

A dripper with the opposite characteristics of the HARIO V60.

The dipping method has the properties of a permeation method, but has a mechanism that allows for puddling. This extracts the flavours of the beans firmly, the body is strong and lowers acidity,

Finally, it can be filtered with paper to keep it clean.

Although it is easy to use, the stability of the extraction is very good. If you follow our points you can recreate cafe quality coffee at home.


Melita was founded in 1908.

Because it has only one point of extraction, it can be used without having to worry about too much variation in the flavour.

Even if you have a Hario V60, you will be surprised by the difference in taste. Please give it a try and see the difference.





Recipe [ 1 serving ]

Amount of Coffee 15g Medium grind

Hot water 225g

Extraction temperature 89℃

Extraction time 2'45


Necessary tools

Melita dripper

Paper filter





Server (Mug)

Grinder / Mill



step 1

while folding the edge, set the paper in the dripper.



step 2

To warm the equipment, wet the paper with hot water.



step 3

Warm the cup by pouring in some hot water.



step 4

Prepare 15g of beans, in a medium grind.



step 5

Place the beans and start then get ready to start the drip.



step 6

Using 30g of hot water, pour for 1 minute.



step 7

After 1 minute, adjust the dripper so that it does not overflow. Pour the remaining hot water (195 g) at a stretch.



step 8

remove the server after the coffee runs out.



step 9

Transfer to a cup and you'll have a delicious coffee.