V60 / Light Roast

Hario V60 / Light Roast

A familiar extraction method that has been widely used in the home since ancient times.

The taste changes depending on the speed, time, and method of pouring hot water,

good technique is necessary to get good results.

The permeation method that extracts coffee by passing hot water over the beans, gives a balanced sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and richness.

It is easy to produce a refreshing aftertaste.

Among the many extraction methods, this method gives the most control over the flavour.

It is an extraction method suitable for beginners and experts.




Coffee beans 15g Medium-fine

Water 225g

Temperature 92°C

Brewing time 2’20”


Tools you need

Hario V60 dripper

Hario V60 paper filter





Glass server and a mug

Coffee grinder





Fold the edge of the filter and set it on the dripper.

Place them on the server.



Rinse the filter with hot water.



Preheat the cup by filling it up with hot water.



Weight 15g of coffee beans and grind them in a medium-fine setting.




Throw out the hot water from the server.

Put the coffee ground in the dripper and zero out the scale.



(0’00-0’40) Pour 30g of hot water.

Pour in 30g of water and wait for 40 seconds to get blooming.



(0’40-0’55) Pour the hot water up to 100g.

Pour in 70g of water with a circular motion from centre to edge for 15 seconds. The water flow should be powerful to give a gentle agitation.


Step 8

(1’10-1’25) Pour the hot water up to 160g.

Wait 15 seconds, then pour 60g in for 15 seconds.



(1’40-2’00)Pour the hot water up to 225g.

Stay 15 seconds, pour in 65g let it take 20 seconds.

Make sure to pour on the edge of the paper as well.



(-2 ’20)

Remove the dripper when the coffee drip stops.



If you get the correct extraction, there are no coffee grinds on the edge of the filter. They should look flat at the bottom of the filter.



In the end, serve the coffee into the preheated cup.

Enjoy your flavourful cup of coffee!