American Press

American Press


Quick and delicious.


A groundbreaking instrument that can extract smooth coffee in a short time without leaving excessive coffee oil, with a strong extraction force via pressure and a structure that allows two layers of ultra fine mesh steel filters.


Easy to use, no special techniques required.


Nevertheless, the taste is full bodied and can fully extract the individuality of the beans.


As long as you stick to the recipe , it can be used with any level of roasting, from light roast to dark roast.


It is a wonderful instrument that demonstrates performance beyond the price point of 1 unit.




Coffee beans 15g Medium-fine

Water 250g

Temperature 89℃

Brewing time 2”00


Tools you need

American Press





Coffee grinder




Preheat the American press and the cup by filling up with hot water.




Weight 15g of coffee beans and grind them in a medium-fine setting. Fill the pod with them.



Throw out the hot water from the American Press and fill it again with hot water (89℃)




Press the pod down just enough to fill it with water. Wait for 1 minute and a half.




Pressing down with 30 seconds.



In the end, serve the coffee into the preheated cup.

The weight of the coffee should be about 200g.