KINTO Stainless Filter


The stainless steel filter can express straight and direct flavours.


Refreshing tastes are brought out by the speed of drip,

Along with sweetness and richness of coffee oil and a little fine powder.


The Finish combines the features of a paper filter and a French press,

Full bodied and slightly oily,

You can make a coffee with a clear taste that does not become too heavy.


Take a little more drip time for light roasting,

A little slower for more depth.

You can control the taste yourself.


In addition, care is easy, and there is no need to buy filters,

An economical and environmentally friendly extraction method.





Coffee beans 15g Medium-coarse

Water 230g

Temperature 89℃

Brewing time 2’30


Tools you need

KINTO Stainless filter

KINTO Carafe





Coffee grinder



Place the stainless filter on the carafe and give it a rinse with hot water.


Preheat the cup by filling it up with hot water.


Weight 15g of coffee beans and grind them in a medium-coarse setting.


Throw out the hot water from the carafe.
Put the coffee ground in the dripper and zero out the scale.



(0’00-0’40) Pour 30g of hot water.
Pour in 30g of water and wait for 40 seconds to get blooming.



(0’40-0’55) Pour the hot water up to 80g.
Pour the hot water slowly around the centre. Please do not pour directly on the filter.


(1’10-1’20) Pour the hot water up to 130g.
Please wait 15 seconds, pour in 50g let it take 10 seconds.


(1’35-1’45) Pour the hot water up to 180g.
Wait 15 seconds, then repeat the same thing. Pour 50g in for 10 seconds.



(1’55-2’10) Pour the hot water up to 230g.
Hold 10 seconds, pour in 50g with 15 seconds.


Remove the filter when the coffee drip stops.


In the end, serve the coffee into the preheated cup.
Enjoy your flavourful cup of coffee!