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V60 Dark Roast

V60 HARIO Paper Hand Dripper

A familiar extraction method that has been widely used in the home since ancient times.

The taste changes depending on the speed, time, and method of pouring hot water,

good technique is necessary to get good results.

The permeation method that extracts coffee by passing hot water over the beans, gives a balanced sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and richness.

It is easy to produce a refreshing aftertaste.

Among the many extraction methods, this method gives the most control over the flavour.

It is an extraction method suitable for beginners and experts.

1 serving uses:

15g Coffee beans

Makes 200g of coffee

Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds



-220g of 89℃ water



step 1

while folding the edge, set the paper in the dripper


step 2

To get rid of the paper smell, wet the paper with hot water


step 3

Warm the cup by pouring in some hot water


step 4

Prepare 15g of beans, in a medium grind


step 5

Place the beans and start then get ready to start the drip 


step 6

using 30g of water, pour for 40 seconds


step 7

Over 30 seconds, slowly and carefully pour 70g so as to draw a 500 yen coin centering on the middle.


step 8

Wait about 5 seconds. In the same way, over 30 seconds, pour 60g next time.


step 9

Wait about 5 seconds. Finally, in the same way, pour 60g over 30 seconds.


step 10

Wait about 10 seconds and remove the server before the coffee runs out.


step 11

When it is extracted correctly, it leaves a donut-shaped whole.


step 12

Transfer to a cup and you'll have a delicious coffee.