Great coffee changed our lives.
It makes everyday bright and colorful, even for your future as well.


We stepped into this coffee trade 5 years ago.
It attracted and held us in an instant.
We've been working with great coffee for 5years.
It is something that makes us feel comfortable.
What made us the way we are now?


Good coffee has greater power than we expected, and it always gives us so much energy.
Sometimes it gives us the power to play sport, other times it is the tool to connect with someone.
It sometimes comes slowly and hugs our hearts gently.
It has made so many smiles, and led to lots of fun.

We realized the bottomless and mysterious power of coffee.
We want to give the energy from great coffee by hand to many more people.
We feel this way genuinely and strongly.




LiLo Coffee has our own universal truth.
Great coffee is made by people.
Therefore, we play these important roles.
We believe that there is something only we can do.


We promise you all that we will keep on trying new things from now on.
And we want to always be interesting people beside you.
So now we make great coffee as usual.


To help make your life a little more colourful.