LiLo Coffee Kissa 6th anniversary

Enjoying coffee as the air flows gently around
can make you forget the hustle and bustle of the world.
"A cup of coffee to enjoy, forgetting the passage of time."


In the old,
you find joy and depth in knowing the past.
In the new,
there is the excitement and expansion that hint at the future.


Upon opening the door, you are enveloped by the aroma of coffee.
Your heart leaps at the sight of a beautifully brewed cup.
From the barista, who has refined their craft, depth overflows.


Touching upon the wisdom of learning from the past through a cup of coffee,
Filling the heart with an extraordinary experience.


Experience moments found nowhere else,
accompanied by carefully selected specialty coffees and diverse brewing methods.
"A cup that brings you closer, crafted by a coffee artisan who has woven through the eras."

Inheriting old and cherished things

Creating an extraordinary coffee experience

7th June ~ 7th August Limited

6th Anniversary GEISHA Blend

We've poured our gratitude to everyone into this coffee.

Here's a cup that celebrates our journey so far and stirs the heart.

4 types of THISISOSAKA blend

Spots, people, food, fun...

Osaka is brimming with countless attractions. 

“This is Osaka! There's so much fun here!”

From the multitude of fascinating aspects, we have selected and infused the essence of Osaka's excitement into our blend coffee.


At night, Dotonbori area is illuminated by bright neon lights, creating a bustling entertainment district that is lively all day long. This area is also rich in traditional performing arts and Osaka's cuisine.

We have combined these elements into a unique blend.


NIPPOMBASHI is the largest hub of anime and manga pop culture. The passionate devotion of these creators draws in more enthusiasts, resulting in a chaotic yet fascinating town. 

We have encapsulated this chaos into a unique blend.


Osaka Castle is one of Osaka's most iconic symbols. It has stood as a symbol of power for each period. Its most notable feature is its sheer scale! 

We've captured the awe-inspiring grandeur of Osaka Castle in our blend coffee.


Billiken, enshrined at Tsutenkaku Tower, is the well-known god of good fortune. Billiken's pointy head, wide smile, and round form give off a carefree vibe. 

We crafted a blend as cheerful and well-rounded as the smiling Billiken.