【THISISOSAKA】Dotonbori Blend

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Size: 100g

Grind: Whole Bean


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Spots, people, food, fun...

Osaka is brimming with countless attractions. 

“This is Osaka! There's so much fun here!”

From the multitude of fascinating aspects, we have selected and infused the essence of Osaka's excitement into our blend coffee.




Ebisubashi (Ebisu Bridge) spans the Dotonbori River. From there, you can see the famous Glico Man sign, a symbol of Osaka. At night, the area is illuminated by bright neon lights, creating a bustling entertainment district that is lively all day long.

The name "Dotonbori" originates from Yasui Doton, a civil engineer who, in 1612, invested his own money to begin the excavation. This area is also rich in traditional performing arts, such as Bunraku (traditional puppet theater) and Kabuki (classical Japanese dance-drama), showcasing the deep cultural heritage of Osaka.

Moreover, often referred to as "Osaka's Kitchen," Dotonbori is filled with numerous restaurants where you can enjoy Osaka's cuisine, like takoyaki and okonomiyaki. We have combined these elements into a unique blend that continues to attract many tourists from Japan and abroad.


【This is Dotonbori !】

  • The vivid shine of the neon signs

  • The powerful Dotonbori River, created with Yasui Doton's passionate desire to contribute to Osaka's development

  • A lively and bustling dining district where you can enjoy Osaka cuisine like takoyaki and okonomiyaki

  • A unique place where traditional performing arts from the Edo period intersect with modern entertainment


【Cupping Comment】

① A rich flavor reminiscent of blackberries.

② A refreshing sourness like grapefruit combined with the rich sweetness of pineapple.

③ A comfortable aftertaste with the refined sweetness of white peach.


【Flavor】 Black berry, Grapefruit, Pineapple, White peach


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