【THISISOSAKA】Nippombashi Blend

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Size: 100g

Grind: Whole Bean


On sale from 7 July ~ 7 August

Spots, people, food, fun...

Osaka is brimming with countless attractions. 

“This is Osaka! There's so much fun here!”

From the multitude of fascinating aspects, we have selected and infused the essence of Osaka's excitement into our blend coffee.




Nippombashi in Osaka, one of Japan's three major electronic towns, is the largest hub of anime and manga pop culture in western Japan. Professional groups who excel at creating cute, stylized versions of everything can bring any fantasy to life.

 The passionate devotion of these creators draws in more enthusiasts, resulting in a chaotic yet fascinating town. We have encapsulated this chaos into a unique blend.


【This is Nippombashi !】

  • Bringing you a heartful 'kyun' (a feeling of overwhelming cuteness) for you, our dear master (customer).

  • I don't know why I like it, it just struck me like lightning.

  • A chaos filled with genuine enthusiasts.


【Cupping Comment】

① Tropical sweetness like peach spreads the moment you put it in your mouth.

② Occasional spicy kicks like pepper.

③ Elegant ripe blackcurrant aftertaste.


【Flavor】 Strawberry, Peach, Yogurt, Pepper, Black currant


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・ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe Idido Washed

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