【THISISOSAKA】Osaka Castle Blend

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Size: 100g

Grind: Whole Bean


On sale from 7 July ~ 7 August

Spots, people, food, fun...

Osaka is brimming with countless attractions. 

“This is Osaka! There's so much fun here!”

From the multitude of fascinating aspects, we have selected and infused the essence of Osaka's excitement into our blend coffee.




Osaka Castle is one of Osaka's most iconic symbols. From the Toyotomi era to the Tokugawa era, it has stood as a symbol of power for each period. Its most notable feature is its sheer scale! The area from the inner moat to the outer moat covers an impressive 4.2 million square meters. The stone walls, which are the tallest in Japan at 32 meters, are a testament to the advanced architectural techniques of the time.

The towering main keep is adorned with golden statues of crouching tigers and shachihoko (mythical carp with tiger heads), glistening in gold, to signify power. The people of the time must have been awestruck by its grandeur!


【This is Osaka Castle !】

  • Unyielding strength, no matter what! A solid and sturdy presence.

  • Expansive grandeur, spreading far and wide, exuding power.

  • Decorations that glitter like gold, showcasing authority.

  • Feel the energy of the daimyo (Japanese feudal lords) who shaped an era!


【Cupping Comment】

① A rich flavor reminiscent of blackberries.

② A refreshing sourness like grapefruit combined with the rich sweetness of pineapple.

③ A comfortable aftertaste with the refined sweetness of white peach.


【Flavor】Dark chocolate, Black pepper, Almond, Dark cherry, Herb, Orange


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