【LiLo Coffee Kissa 6th Anniversary】GEISHA blend

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Size: 200g

Grind: Whole Bean

【LiLo Coffee Kissa】 
6th Anniversary GEISHA blend

On sale from 7 July ~ 7 August

Enjoy a cup of coffee

in a space where time stands still,

and relish the evolving flavors in a familiar setting.


【Cupping Comment】 

① A velvety acidity and flavor of nectarine and white peach.

② A soft aroma of roses paired with the sweetness of coconut.

③ The delightful aftertaste of red wine and cassis juice continues.


【Recommended brewing method】

Espresso・V60・AeroPress・American Press・Siphon


【Roast Level】 1 Light Roast 

【Flavor】 nectarine, white peach, rose, coconut, red wine, cassis juice


・Colombia La Estrella Geisha Washed

・Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Natural

・Colombia Monteblanco Coconut Washed

・Dominican Alfred Diaz Winy Natural



▼ブレンドのポイント(焙煎士 中村圭太)








At LiLo Coffee Kissa, we want you to be utterly absorbed in your cup of coffee, whether you are in our space or recalling your time at Kissa. With this sentiment, I created a Geisha blend to celebrate Kissa’s 6th anniversary.

The first impact of the Geisha's aroma draws you in deeply, and with the first sip, you're greeted by a strong, bright, and lively acidity. With each sip, the flavors transform playfully. This cup of coffee paints a rich gradient of sweetness and body, evolving from a light to a dark roast in just one serving.

This blend reflects the journey of LiLo Coffee Kissa thus far and the history we continue to build. It's a blend coffee that makes you forget time while feeling the layers of moments passing. I created it with this experience in mind. Please enjoy it to the fullest.