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Daily Vitality Blend / Dark roast

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters


Origin ColombiaGuatemalaEthiopia

Roast Level 4.5 Dark roast


sultana raisinburned caramelmolt whiskeymilkyhard candy


Cupping comment

①  caramel fragrance that spreads in the mouth and rich sweetness of sultanas raisins

② Sweet and milky taste

③Rich aftertaste like licking malt whiskey


A versatile regular blend that provides a stable taste in various uses regardless of the time of day.

A fragrance like a burnt caramel, a rich fruity feeling like sultana raisins and a firm sweetness.

The milky feeling is always in the mouth and the aftertaste rich feeling like licking malt whiskey.

Beans that can be enjoyed as a just coffee or as a pairing coffee that goes well with sweet desserts.

Enjoy it as a daily use coffee that you always want to stock.


Recommended brewing method

EspressoMelittaCold brew


In the case of 500g, it will be delivered in 5 bags of 100g.

In the case of 1000g, it will be delivered in 5 bags of 200g.