About the beans, stickers and flavor illustrations that arrive




❶ Origin

❷ Location

❸ Farm, Washing Station, Producer

❹ Altitude

❺ Processing

❻ Varieties

Roasted date




【Beans Card】

① Flavor image

To simplify the coffee's flavor, it's likened to fruits and chocolate.
The taste is illustrated to make it more comprehensible, but these are not added flavors; they are inherent in the beans themselves.

② Origin

③ Farm, variety or process

④ Yellow line: Light roast
  Red line: Medium roast
  Purple line: Dark roast

⑤ Balance of acidity & body

⑥ Flavor 

As the bar transitions from red on the left to blue on the right, the temperature decreases. Enjoy the varying flavors across different temperature zones.

⑦ Cup Comment

⑧ Recommended brewing tool