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French Press


【French Press】

An easy extraction method, that doesn’t require much technique.


No need for a filter,

Because the oil and taste characteristics of coffee beans come directly,

It is easy to emphasize all tastes, good or bad.


When coffee is brewed by the French press,

Oil floats on the surface and the color becomes light and cloudy.


Some fine powder remains, but like specialty coffee

Good quality coffee has no miscellaneous taste,

This is the extraction method that allows you to feel the original character of the bean.


Not a good method for deep roasted beans,

This is the recommended extraction method for beans with a freshness of light to medium roast.

■Brew Instructions



Per serving:

Beans: 15g

Finished coffee: 220g

Duration: 4 minutes


[Necessary tools]

French press

230g hot water at 89 ° C




step 1

Put hot water in the press and warm.



step 2

Weigh 15g of beans and grind them roughly with a mill.



step 3

Set the beans and start the timer.



step 4

Slowly pour 210g and cover.



step 5

Wait until the timer is 1 minute and mix 3 times.



step 6

Cover again and wait for the timer to reach 4 minutes.



step 7

Open the lid and use a spoon to scoop the bubbles and powder from the surface.



step 8

Lower the filter slowly.



step 9

Delicious coffee.