TANZANIA Acacia Hills Leon Christianakis Geisha Washed

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

 【Cupping Comment】  

① Delicate and soft flavors of peach and jasmine.

② The sweetness of premium black tea and lychee.

③ A lingering aftertaste of lemon zest and melted sugar.


【Origin】 Tanzania

【Region】 Oldeani, Karatu

【Farm】 Acacia Hills / Leon Christianakis

【Altitude】 1750-1950m


【Process】 Washed

【Roast Level】  1 light roast

【Flavor】 peach, jasmine, black tea, lychee, lemon, white sugar

From Barista

The first thing you'll notice is the vibrant aroma! As you sip, you'll experience a refreshing tartness like lemon, followed by a gradual spread of sweetness reminiscent of peach and lychee, all enveloped in jasmine flavors. It's as light and bright as drinking tea—perfect for those seeking a floral, elegant coffee

【Recommended Brew Method】

Espresso・V60・AeroPress・American Press・Cold Brew

Start date of handling】 2024, 7/1

We ship coffee beans within 7 days of roasting.  

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Pioneer of Specialty Coffee Production in Tanzania

The history of coffee production in Northern Tanzania, which began in the 19th century, was shaped by German immigrants, and this tradition has been passed down to Leon and his grandparents. Leon is a third-generation coffee producer who has been transitioning to high-quality specialty coffee. "Historically and presently, most of the coffee produced in Tanzania is commodity coffee. With the decline in international coffee prices, making a living from coffee production has become increasingly challenging. Transitioning to specialty coffee was a necessary move."

Acacia Hills cultivates high-quality varieties such as Kent, SL28, Geisha, and Pacamara, and the rich natural environment combined with Leon's dedicated efforts continually enhance both the quality and quantity of the coffee produced. However, coexisting with the local wildlife is not without its challenges. The farm borders the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and sometimes suffers from wildlife damage, but this too is part of the unique story of coffee in this region.





The Value Specialty Coffee Brings to the Region

At Acacia Hills Farm, an innovative approach has been adopted to enrich the lives of the local community. When asked what could change their lives, the farm staff frequently mentioned "education" and "water." In response, Leon considered that "While most areas in Tanzania have schools, water is likely more crucial," and consequently, he provided facilities to supply the needed water to the region.

The success at Acacia Hills has also had a positive impact on the area. Leon states, "Many small shops have sprung up down the slopes from our farm. Employing staff at the farm and paying them over the years must have transformed the local community."





Expanding and Sustaining Presence

Leon hopes to extend the success of his venture to other small-scale producers and cooperatives. "Eventually, we want to demonstrate our practices to other small-scale producers and cooperatives. If we can horizontally expand our model, it could help not just Tanzania's coffee industry but the global coffee industry as well," he shares his vision for the future.

Leon emphasizes the ultimate goal: "Our final aim is to sustain our presence here indefinitely. To maintain a sustainable business, it is essential to produce high-quality coffee and find customers who appreciate it. That's why we spare no effort in maintaining quality."