【June Limited】UCHOU Blend ~雨調~

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

June in Japan marks the season of rain. 

The rain strikes various surfaces,

creating rhythms and melodies

that bring silence and tranquility.

 Our Rainy Season Blend

captures this quiet yet rhythmic sound of rain,

expressed through its serene and rich flavors.

Enjoy a coffee time that makes even rainy days

something to look forward to.


 Cupping Comment  

① A gently spreading, rich medley of various berry flavors.

A pleasantly sharp sweetness and tartness of plums and cherries.

A soft aftertaste of rosé wine that lingers long.


【Roast Level】 3  Medium roast

【Flavor】 blackberry、blueberry、plum、cherry、rosé wine

【Recommended brewing method】 Espresso, V60, AeroPress, American Press, Cold Brew


・ETHIOPIA Guji Uraga Red Honey

・ETHIOPIA Guji Shakiso Natural

・DOMINICAN Alfred Diaz Winy Natural

We ship coffee beans within 7 days of roasting.  

About the beans, stickers and flavor illustrations that arrive


2021: "Climate and customs of Japan"
2022: "Traditional Colors of Japan"
2023: "Hanafuda - Kacho Fugetsu" 
The theme of the season's blends will be "Enjoy the Japanese four seasons with all your senses".