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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

【Cupping Comment】

① Sweetness reminiscent of dark chocolate and toffee.

② A nutty fragrance akin to walnuts.

③ The intricate aroma of red grapes and nuts.


【from Barista】

A good start with drip coffee in the morning,

a good relax with ice coffee at noon.

In the evening, mix it with milk and enjoy the round flavor!

You can never settle without this coffee through a whole day!


【from Roaster】

Dandy, hard-boiled, and of course, sexy. I aim at expressing the strength like a quietly burning flame to the fullest extent.


This bean is cultivated in Ashiko Village and is the top prized bean in East Timor.

Among the Timor beans that are improving in quality year by year, there strong characters clearly coming out.

The dark chocolate, the sweetness of toffee, the scent of walnuts, and the flavor of red grapes can also be felt.

It is an interesting bean with various personalities that stand out even when deeply roasted.









💡Barista's recommended recipe