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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean


The beautiful sparkle of autumn slowly becomes a rustic tone.

A season that let us feel the cold, silence, lethargy and pale colour of winter.

Shall we add a drop of soft and warm coloured fragrance to it?


Now, warm and cosy time starts.

We release LiLo’s seasonal blend every month.

We imagined “Yuzuburo”, which means bathing with Yuzu citrus, to the eleventh blend.

It has some benefits that keep our body healthy and avoid getting a cold.

You can enjoy the harmony of crisp citrusy aroma and gentle sweetness.



①The warmth and fragrance like taking”Yuzuburo”.

②Citrus harmony with grapefruit, loquat and orange.

③The lingering sweetness of honey lingers for a long time.  


【Recommended brewing method】





•Ethiopia Logita

•Kenya Kegwa AA

•Honduras Chichicastal

•Tanzania Moringa


【Roast Level】 2 Light roast

【Aftertaste】 4





💡Kyosuke's recommended  recipe💡