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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean


Beginning of autumn, we feel plants bearing.

There are various cultures related to the moon in the world.

In the ancient time of Japan, the people predicted days by lunar phase and worked on agriculture.

The full moon in this season was a key signal to hold enshrine.

Many people rejoice and celebrate the harvest of the year together. They spend a warm time looking at the bright moon in the clarified air with their family and friends.

We release LiLo's seasonal blend every month.

In the ninth blend, we express a heartful time with family and friends to a bright flavour of apricots and oranges. You can enjoy a long-lasting sweet aftertaste in this monthly blend.


①Sweetness like baked apricots, oranges expands in your mouth

②Gentle aroma of black currant fragrances.

③The texture let you feel almost eating thick honey or cream.



【Recommended brewing method】

V60 · Aeropress · American press・Cold brew ・KINTO



【From Roaster (Keita) 】

I have made this blend to make you imagine a comfortable time with your family or friends.

The round sweetness wraps the characteristic flavours. I would like you to enjoy this coffee with someone and seek delightful flavours when you sip each time.



•Colombia El Futuro Red Honey 

•Brazil Santuario Citrus Sweetness

•Ethiopia Aramo Natural



【Roast Level】 4 Dark roast

【Aftertaste】 4



baked apricot、orange、black currant、honey 、creamy



💡Kyosuke's recommended  recipe💡