【January Limited】HANEZU Blend ~朱華~

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

−Hanezu colour −

 Definition: yellowish and orangeish soft red.


Gantan(元旦) is the first day of the new year.

Many Japanese people pray our fortune to the sunrise of Gantan.

That is called Hatsuhinode(初日の出) and is one of our traditions.


Hanezu, inspired by the Hatsuhinode


We choose the Hanezu colour that is warm and soft for this month.

The blend has a bright and crisp fruitiness of orange or cranberry.

And the last part of lingers wraps up the fruitiness gently.

It is a well-balanced cup of coffee.

We deliver our monthly seasonal blend with stories of the Japanese tradition of colours for 2022.


①Fresh acidity of cranberry and mandarin orange.

②Juicy fruitiness of mango and ruby grapefruit.

③A hint of sweetness from cashew nuts.


【Recommended brewing method】

Espresso、V60、AeroPress、American Press、KINTO




•Brazil Santuario Cherry Madness

•Papua New Guinea Colbran


【Roast Level】 2 Light roast

【Aftertaste】 4



cranberry, mandarin orange, mango, ruby grapefruit, cashew nuts


💡Kyosuke's recommended  recipe💡