【November Limited】RYUFU Blend ~柳風~

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean


This blend is inspired by the anecdote of Ono no Michikaze,
a figure who laid the foundation for Japanese calligraphy and is referred to as one of the Three Masterpieces of Calligraphy (Sanseki).

Michikaze, observing a frog
desperately leaping to catch hold of a willow tree,
found inspiration in its relentless efforts. 

Despite the seemingly reckless attempt,
a gust of wind coincidentally swayed the willow,
allowing the frog to successfully leap onto it.

Feeling stuck in his own artistic talents,
Michikaze drew courage from the seemingly impossible
endeavor of the frog.

 He realized he had not exerted the same level of effort
and determination, leading him to continue his calligraphic studies. 

Eventually, Michikaze became a renowned calligrapher of the Heian period.

The blend "November Breeze" captures the crisp
and invigorating winter atmosphere,
reminiscent of Michikaze's determined spirit.
It expresses the beauty of a chilly yet clear day
and Michikaze's radiant heart.

The base of this blend features a refreshing taste akin to pear and lime,
gradually expanding to reveal the concentrated
and rich aromas of grapes and peach.

A blend that balances a refreshing quality with a subtle warmth,
 "RYUFU (柳風)” encourages you to reflect on the year 

while enjoying a leisurely coffee time.
Take a deep breath and savor the flavors as you reminisce about the passing year.



Cupping Comment  

① Concentrated grape and white peach flavors

② Fresh acidity and sweetness like LaFrance and lime

③ A pleasant aftertaste of red wine lingers in the aftertaste



•ECUADOR Loja Nambacola Washed 

•THAILAND Doi Pangkhon Natural

•COLOMBIA Maracay Fresh Grass Anaerobic Washed


【Roast Level】 2  Light roast

【Flavor】 grape, white peach, La France, lime, red wine

【Recommended brewing method】

Espresso, V60, AeroPress, American Press, Cold Brew






The theme of this year's seasonal blend is 'Hanafuda'.
(Japanese traditional card game) 


「花札  Hanafuda」

Japanese people often play Hanafuda, which is a traditional card game from hundreds of years ago. The designs of the cards are flowers, birds and nature representing each month. There are some cards that have unique combination. Such as "pine tree and clanes", "cherry blossom and curtain", "willow and rain". 

Ages ago, people had a habbit showing respect for natural objects as they're so valueable. We beliave the reason why Hanafuda is being so popular is admiration for the people who lived with the nature of our land.