【June Limited】CHOUREN Blend ~蝶恋~

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

Within the deck of Hanafuda cards,

the card for the colorful month of June stands out:

“牡丹に蝶 / Botan ni Chou” (The Peony and the Butterfly.)

Used also as a design for family crests,

peonies and butterflies have long been seen

as auspicious symbols of wealth, nobility, and longevity.

The peony(牡丹), with its grand and vibrant blossoms,

is considered a symbol of beauty.

The butterfly(蝶), fluttering and dancing,

Epitomizes both transience and allure.

Inspired by the combined vibrancy and allure of these two,

we present our blend, "蝶恋."

A coffee with sweet and vibrant berry flavors that fill your mouth,

followed by the refreshing scent and acidity reminiscent of peaches.

Even the air that escapes to your nose

will be a delightful experience.

During the damp period of the rainy season,

Please enjoy a moment of brightness with our vibrant coffee time.



【Cupping Comment】

 ①A juicy burst of strawberry and raspberry flavors spreads out.

②The refreshing acidity of peach and the crisp sweetness of rock candy.

③The velvety texture of jam and the lingering sweetness of rolling candies.


【Recommended brewing method】

Espresso, V60, American Press, Cold Brew



Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelbesa Natural

Uganda Ruwenzori Donkey Natural 

Dominican Alfred Diaz Winy Natural


【Roast Level】 1  Light roast

【Aftertaste】 3



strawberry, raspberry, peach jam, candy, starch syrup








The theme of this year's seasonal blend is 'Hanafuda'.
(Japanese traditional card game) 


「花札  Hanafuda」

Japanese people often play Hanafuda, which is a traditional card game from hundreds of years ago. The designs of the cards are flowers, birds and nature representing each month. There are some cards that have unique combination. Such as "pine tree and clanes", "cherry blossom and curtain", "willow and rain". 

Ages ago, people had a habbit showing respect for natural objects as they're so valueable. We beliave the reason why Hanafuda is being so popular is admiration for the people who lived with the nature of our land.