【July Limited】KINUTASEIJI Blend ~砧青磁~

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

- Kinutaseiji -

Shallow, pale blue-green, like a celadon surface.


Under a sunny and clarified sky,

Kinutaseiji-coloured dresses flutter

in the air.


The Kinutaseiji blend is refreshing and easy to drink,

both iced and hot.

The clean aroma and textural impact

of rum and coconut,

and the richness and sweetness of fine Pu'er tea

linger in the second half.

We deliver our monthly seasonal blend

with stories of the Japanese tradition of colours

for 2022.



①Refreshing Ramune flavour and a tropical feel like drinking coconut juice.

②Clear and sweet like fine Pu'er tea.

③A subtle herbal note accents the aftertaste.



【Recommended brewing method】

Espresso, V60, Aeropress, Cold brew



•China Yunnan Natural 

•Colombia Narino

•Bolivia Elena Java

•Brazil Santuario Citrus Sweetness 

•Rwanda Nyamasheke Nyaruzina



【Roast Level】 1  Light roast

【Aftertaste】 4



ramune lemon soda, coconut, pu'er tea, herb, smooth