【January Limited】SHOGEN Blend ~松弦~

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

松弦 -Shogen-


松=Pine tree / 弦= Strings

The pine tree is a symbol of celebration and longevity in Japan.

It is because of its lifespan of several hundred years
and its strength to remain green even in the coldest winters.

We imagined the strings from the koto, which people play at  New Year's celebration.

We named January blend Shougen for the lucky charm of longevity, 
full of vitality and brightness.

It has a balance between the sweetness of juicy mandarin oranges 
and the refreshing sourness of plums. 

Everyone will surely enjoy this coffee.


【Cupping Comment】

①The sweetness of the oranges and the aroma of the herbs spread slowly.

②Sourness with a squeaky acidity like plums and nectarines.

③A rich honey-like sweetness lasts for a long time.



【Recommended brewing method】

Espresso, V60, AeroPress, American Press



KENYA Embu Gakui





【Roast Level】 3  Medium  roast

【Aftertaste】 4 






The theme of this year's seasonal blend is 'Hanafuda'.
(Japanese traditional card game) 

「花札  Hanafuda」

Japanese people often play Hanafuda, which is a traditional card game from hundreds of years ago. The designs of the cards are flowers, birds and nature representing each month. There are some cards that have unique combination. Such as "pine tree and clanes", "cherry blossom and curtain", "willow and rain". 

Ages ago, people had a habbit showing respect for natural objects as they're so valueable. We beliave the reason why Hanafuda is being so popular is admiration for the people who lived with the nature of our land.