【February Limited】YUKIGE Blend ~雪消~

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean


 "Yukige" means the melting of snow,
It means the transition from winter to spring.
As spring approaches, the snow melts and becomes water.
and that water nurtures new life.
the budding of life.

The "Yukigae" blend has a fresh yet deep taste,
fresh yet deep flavor,
the pure white of the snow to the pale color of the melting snow.
The taste is like the transition from the pure white of snow to the light color of melting snow.

The soft aroma and texture is similar to that of biting into a white peach.
The soft aroma and texture is like that of biting into a white peach.
the soft aroma and texture of a white peach, reminiscent of the moist winter air,

The soft aroma and texture is reminiscent of the moist winter air, followed by
Gorgeous, colorful flavors of lemon and grape,
the gentle sweetness and richness of caramel.
brings us the light and sunny days of spring.


Cupping Comment  

① Gently fragrant jasmine tea and white peach sweetness.

② Complex flavors of lemon, ginger and grape.

③ Thick, caramel-like sweetness that lasts for a long time.





【Roast Level】 2  Light roast

【Flavor】 jasmine tea, white peach, lemon, ginger, grape, caramel

【Recommended brewing method】 Espresso, V60, AeroPress, American Press, Cold Brew



•China Yuan Yi Yuan Yeast Fermentation Honey

•Ethiopia Idido Washed

•Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Natural

•Brazil Fazenda Bau Tomio Fukuda Natural


We ship coffee beans within 7 days of roasting.  




2021: "Climate and customs of Japan"
2022: "Traditional Colors of Japan"
2023: "Hanafuda - Kacho Fugetsu" 
The theme of the season's blends will be "Enjoy the Japanese four seasons with all your senses".