【December Limited】OUTOU Blend ~凰桐~

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean



The Phoenix, a symbol of peace and prosperity,
is said to perch on a paulownia tree when it appears,
making this a very auspicious combination.

Phoenix and Paulownia" has a noble elegance
that is suitable for the end of Hanafuda.

From the moment of drinking, the chic aroma and richness
of blackcurrant and blueberry spreads out,
followed by the gently bouncing acidity of rosé sparkling wine.

The taste is imbued with the moistness of winter and the special feeling of December.

What was 2023 like for you?

We hope you have a wonderful coffee time again next year.


Cupping Comment  

① The glamorous and expansive flavors of blackcurrant grapes and blueberries.

② The effervescence of sparkling rosé with the tartness of raspberries.

③ The sweet and gentle lingering finish of honey flows smoothly.


【Roast Level】 3  Medium roast

【Flavor】 cassis, grape, blueberry, rose sparkling wine, raspberry, honey 

【Recommended brewing method】

Espresso, V60, AeroPress, American Press, KINTO



・ETHIOPIA  Guji Shakiso Natural Dark

・ETHIOPIA  Guji Shakiso Natural Light

・CHINA Pu’er SILANJIA Triple Fermentation Natural 

・COLOMBIA Jardines Del Eden Passion Fruit Honey





The theme of this year's seasonal blend is 'Hanafuda'.
(Japanese traditional card game) 


「花札  Hanafuda」

Japanese people often play Hanafuda, which is a traditional card game from hundreds of years ago. The designs of the cards are flowers, birds and nature representing each month. There are some cards that have unique combination. Such as "pine tree and clanes", "cherry blossom and curtain", "willow and rain". 

Ages ago, people had a habbit showing respect for natural objects as they're so valueable. We beliave the reason why Hanafuda is being so popular is admiration for the people who lived with the nature of our land.