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Pure Gold Cup & Saucer

Only because of a favorite cup

You coffee time becomes more brilliant

Smooth texture

With the glittering gold decoration

And the gorgeous gold

will never fade

even time goes by

The pure gold.

Mizunami in Gifu is known for Mino-yaki (Mino ceramic ware).

Yamaichi Company, running a pottery wholesale business

was established there 70 years ago.

These special cups we use at LiLo Kissa

are made there.

The cups are painted with pure gold

baked in a kiln at 800 degrees for 5 hours

It might seem like a simple task at first,

In practice, skilled craftsmanship is essential.

As second-generation president of Yamaichi, 

Mizuno puts:

「 On the first sample, the design of the steam image of Lilo Coffee logo was too detailed to work out well, but after a lot of trial and error, it was finally completed. The gold application on the handles is done by a craftsman with more than 10 years of experience, who carefully paints them little by little, little by little, with a brush to avoid unevenness.

It is even very rare for us to get an order of a cup made of pure gold, as there is so much work to do by hand. It is different from ordinary tableware, and the craftsmen have a special attachment to it.」

A sigh escaped my lips at the thought of such a heartfelt work that no machine could ever imitate.

Because it's so special, we want people to use it every day without hesitation.

We hope that your coffee time will be a special time for you.