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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

【from Barista】

What? It's a blend of four different coffees?!

The perfect balance and richness is addictive!

Look for all sorts of flavors in your mouth!


【from Roaster】

What is the most risen by the synergistic effect caused by mixing different beans is the seductiveness of it.

To create a most glamorous flavor, we have tested hundreds of thousands of patterns to reach this best achievement.


Cupping comment

① Heavy dark chocolate

② Savory nut flavor

③ A faint blueberry scent


What we are care for in espresso blends is “balance”

A blend that shows the beans individuality when roasted relatively deeply, and gives a slight berry scent in the richness and sweetness of chocolate.

It has a good compatibility with milk and is a recommended bean for those who want to taste a firm coffee in sweetness.


Recommended brewing method

EspressoV60MelittaCold brew


Origin East Timor Ethiopia・Brazil Myanmar

Roast Level 5 Dark roast

Aftertaste】 4

Sweetness】 5

Flavor】 4


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