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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

“Pitter patter”
The sound of the continuous rain.

This point of season is raining frequently in Japan.

“五月雨Samidare” “翠雨Suiu” “甘雨Kan-u” “氷雨Hisame” “白雨Haku-u” etc...

Because it rains a lot in our country, there are many beautiful words to describe rain which contains the character means rain: 雨.

I can easily think that the beauty of the rain has shone brightly in the eyes of Japanese people since many years ago.

We release LiLo’s seasonal blend every month.

This is the sixth release. You would feel a rich blackberry aroma with the first sip of your coffee. Then a fresh and light muscat flavour spreads into your mouth. The aftertaste is like Barbados cherries.

Our roaster Keita got inspired by a scenery after the rain and he expressed his idea to Shizuku blend. 

1)A rich blackberry flavour spreads
2)Refreshing acidity like muscat and Barbados cherries.
3)Honey-like sweetness with a long lasting aftertaste.

 【Recommended brewing method】

V60, Aeropress, American press, Cold Brew, KINTO


♦︎キョウスケのおすすめレシピ:【Kalita Waveでしっとり梅雨を感じるコーヒー】






・Colombia La Esperanza Pink Bourbon Natural 

・Honduras Chichicastal

【Roast Level】 2  Light roast

【Aftertaste】 4

【Sweetness】 4