【Online Limited】HAZUKI Blend ~木漏れ日~ komorebi

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean


The sunlight is shining through trees.

At the end of summer, beautiful new green leaves are quietly growing.

I just take a deep breath in the leafy forest.

Cold and clarified air is like waking me up

A still nature smells so relaxing.

Feel the temperature of the sun from between trees.

Then relief my mind and be relaxed


we release LiLo's seasonal blend every month.

In the eighth blend, you can enjoy energizing flavour that let you feel the new green leaves. and you also find a tropical sweetness, which is like a mango has got the sunlight so much.

①Refreshing herbal aroma and tartness of La France pear

②The sweetness of cherries and mangoes spread like a sizzle.

③Thick, honey-like aftertaste lasts long.


【Recommended brewing method】

V60 · Aeropress · American press・Cold brew ・KINTO


【From Roaster (Keita) 】


周年月でもある8月には、特に思い入れの強い東ティモール アシコの豆を絶対に使いたくて、このブレンド用に浅めに焙煎。イイ仕事してくれています。




•East Timor Asico

•Brazil Cherry Madnes

•Honduras Chichicastal


【Roast Level】 2 Light roast

【Aftertaste】 4



herb、la france、cherry、mango、honey