ETHIOPIA Sidama Bona Washed

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

【Cupping comment】 

① Bright and gentle muscat and white peach flavors

② Juicy sweetness of mandarin orange exudes

③ Slightly blackcurrant aroma and lingering thick honey sweetness


【Location】 Bona, Sidama

【Farm】Bona M.T. Station


【Varieties】 74110


【Roast Level】  1 Light Roast 

Flavor】 muscat、white peach、mandarin orange、cassis、honey   


【From Barista】

The first sip is juicy and orangey with flavors of muscat and apricot. The more you drink, the more you feel the sweetness of the cooked fruit, and you can enjoy various expressions throughout the cup.

The acidity is also gentle, making it a good choice for those who have only recently started drinking shallow roasted coffee.


【Recommended brewing method】

Espresso・V60 · Cold Brew・American Press・AeroPress  

Start date of handling】 2023, 11/16

We ship coffee beans within 7 days of roasting.  




 ◉Bona M.T Washing Station

This station is a completely new station that starts in 2023. Bona as a region in Sidama, usually follows through very traditional process. Most stations will drive trucks to different cherries collection spots, and purchase cherries no matter the qualities. Then process the cherries at night when they truck back the cherries to the station. Bona M.T. station however, is an exception.

The station purchased only 100% mature cherries and even provide bonus when the cherries are in purple, meaning higher ripeness. Located at a higher altitude, M.T. Station also collected cherries from higher farms, resulting in better cherries form. In addition, the purchase price is way higher than other stations so many farmers who care about qualities are more willing to deliver their cherries to M.T station.

ここは2023年に開業したばかりの、新しいウォッシングステーションです。一般的なウォッシングステーションは トラックを走らせ様々なコーヒーチェリーの集荷場へ行き、品質に関係なくチェリーを買い付けます。しかし、Bona M.T.ステーションはそうではありません。


標高の高い場所に位置するBona M.T.ステーションは、より高所の農家から品質の高いチェリーを集めています。また、買い取り価格も他のステーションよりはるかに高いため、品質にこだわる多くの農家が、より良いチェリーをすすんで提供してしています。



◉The varietal 74110

The varietal 74110 is a varietal published by JARC, Jimma Agricultural Research Center in 1974. 

It often has a strong stone fruit aroma like peach or apricot. This lot has strong muscat and white peach-like flavors.


 ◉Washed Process

With higher maturity, it is natural that the cup profiles are more intense and with higher sweetness. This washed lot follows through a under water fermentation for 3 days then channeled washed before drying for 3 weeks.There was no mucilage remaining for drying and workers would agitate the parchments often to ensure clarity.