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Taste: 9 pack (Dark-3,Milk-3,SaltCaramel-3) with Gift bag


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The world is fulfilled with fragrance at the moment of your first bite.


As a single coffee bean pops up

freshly ground coffee aroma

softly pass through your nose.


The sweetness of the chocolates is melting

A perfect harmony with the aroma inside of your mouth.


An enchanting scent that can be felt by the five senses. 

【Coffee Beans Chocolate】

3 types of chocolate

and 3 coffees from different regions

which match well with each other’s features:

Milk chocolate × Indonesia

Dark chocolate × Uganda

Salty caramel chocolate × East Timor

One after another, people get addicted to

the mariage that spreads in their mouths

The retro package Kotori Canister

overflowing with a feeling of nostalgia


For yourself, also for sharing with others

the just-size sachet tetra pack is also recommended.


To be used for different purposes,

the package is available in these two types above.


Hope it leads to a little happiness every day.


  • Product Name: Chocolate
  • Ingredients:

〈Dark chocolate x Uganda〉Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder / lecithin, flavors) (Belgium), coffee beans (Uganda)


〈Milk chocolate x Indonesia〉Chocolate (sugar, cocoa powder, powdered whole milk, cocoa powder / lecithin, flavors) (Belgium), coffee beans (Indonesia)


〈Salty caramel chocolate x East Timor〉Chocolate (cocoa powder, sugar, powdered whole milk, lactose, powdered whey, powdered skim milk, caramelized sugar, salt / lecithin) (Belgium), coffee beans (East Timor)

Some contain dairy products and soy.

  • NET: 15g
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.