【Kissa】RWANDA Shyira CWS Washed

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Size: 200g

Grind: Whole Bean

【Cupping Comment】 

① Slightly sour and sweet taste of juicy mandarin oranges.

② Refreshing flavors of green apple and pear.

③ Brown sugar's smooth, sweet aftertaste lingers pleasantly.

Origin Rwanda

【Region Western Province, Nyabihu District

Farm Shyira Coffee Washing Station

Altitude 1850-2300m

Variety】 Bourbon


Roast Level】3  Medium roast

Flavor】 tangerine, green apple, pear, brown sugar


Recommended brewing method

EspressoV60American pressAeroPress・Siphon

Start date of handling】 2024, 1/6

We ship coffee beans within 7 days of roasting.  

About the beans, stickers and flavor illustrations that arrive




◉水洗所について|Shiyra Coffee Washing Station


Shiyra Coffee Washing Stationも、標高1,800mの位置で稼働しています。下に川が流れる渓谷があり、まさに崖のようなロケーションです。設立以来、Shiyra Coffee Washing Stationは小規模で量よりも質を重視した運営を行っています。エリア内の小規模農家約1,900人から集められたチェリーを通常以上の選別をかけ、水洗式で精製したロットです。



Shiyra Coffee Washing Stationに持ち込まれたコーヒーチェリーは重量を量った後、タンクに入れられ未熟なチェリーと完熱したチェリーに分けられます。その後、パルパーで果肉を剥がし、発酵槽で6~12時間ドライファーメンテーションを行います。

そして、カナル(水路) にて比重選別を行い、グレードを8段階に分けます。グレード毎に分けられたウェットパーチメントは日除け付きのベッドで陰干しにし、重点的にハンドピックを行う工程へ移ります。その後、パーチメントをテーブルへ移し、天日乾燥させます。30分毎にスタッフがパーチメントを攪拌し、均ーに乾燥させていきます。




◉About Shiyra Coffee Washing Station

Nyabihu County is the highest coffee-growing area in Rwanda at 2,300 meters above sea level, and the coffee cherries produced in the mountain valleys covered with deep fog are recognized worldwide for their cup quality, which sets them apart from other areas.

The Shiyra Coffee Washing Station also operates at an altitude of 1,800 meters. With a river running through the valley below, it is truly a cliff-like location. Since its establishment, Shiyra Coffee Washing Station has operated on a small scale, emphasizing quality over quantity. The cherries are collected from approximately 1,900 small farmers in the area, and the lots are sorted above normal and refined by the washing method.

◉About the production process
Coffee cherries brought to the Shiyra Coffee Washing Station are weighed, placed in tanks, and separated into unripe and fully heated cherries. The cherries are then pulped and dry fermented in the fermenter for 6 to 12 hours.

The cherries are then sorted by specific gravity in a canal and graded into 8 grades. Wet parchment is then dried in shade on beds with shades, and then moved to the hand-picking process, which focuses on hand-picking the parchment. The parchment is then transferred to a table for drying in the sun, where it is stirred every 30 minutes by a staff member to ensure even drying.

On rainy days and during the hottest part of the day, the parchment is protected with plastic to prevent rapid drying due to strong direct sunlight and uneven drying, such as uneven moisture content due to drying only on the surface.
When the moisture content of the parchment reaches 10.5%, it is packed in bags and stored in a warehouse.