【Kissa】COSTA RICA La Candelilla Geisha Natural

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Size: 200g

Grind: Whole Bean

We will deliver coffee beans roasted on May 16.

 【Cupping Comment】

Jasmine flavors unfold majestically from the mouth to the nose.

A harmonious blend of the tartness and sweetness of cranberries and mandarins.

The gentle sweetness of vanilla and syrup lingers on and on.


Origin】Costa Rica

【Region】 Tarrazu

【Farm】La Candelilla / Ricardo Hernandez


【Variety】 Geisha

【Process】 Natural

Roast Level】 1 Light roast

Flavor】 jasmine, cranberry, tangerine, vanilla, syrup


Start date of handling】 2024, 4/18

About the beans, stickers and flavor illustrations that arrive 




ゲイシャ種は、 スペシャルティコーヒーの中でも唯一無二の存在で、世界中にファンがいる品種です。



Geisha variety coffee is truly unique within the world of specialty coffees, with a global fanbase.

Not only is its yield limited and cultivation challenging, but the green beans are also fragile and delicate, making roasting particularly difficult. This process demands precise control to ensure the distinctive and enchanting aromas of the Geisha beans are preserved.


◉Origin|Costa Rica



Costa Rican coffee has seen significant developments in its industry, with approximately half of its total production currently supplied as specialty coffee. Since 1992, a law mandated the cultivation of only Arabica species, but at the time, the conditions such as cherry purchase prices and picker treatment were inadequate.

To address these challenges, the concept of micromills emerged in the early 2000s. These are small-scale wet mills, often family-run or operated by relatives, that allow for integrated management from cultivation through production processing to drying. This setup enabled the production of high-quality coffee that could be sold at higher prices. Micromills also provided the opportunity to experiment with coffee processing techniques that weren’t available in larger mills, such as honey and anaerobic processes.


◉ Farm|La Candelilla



La Candelilla is a micromill that started in 2000 as a collaborative venture among several small-scale producers, and it has been a pioneer in specialty coffee in Costa Rica.

The secret to consistently producing coffee of great quality year after year lies not only in relying on traditional methods but also in continuously pursuing new microlots. The farm tests varieties that are well-suited to its soil, and currently, it primarily cultivates Caturra, along with Catuai, Typica, and Geisha. Candelaria is also actively experimenting with new production processes, always seeking to enhance and innovate in the quality of its coffee offerings.