COLOMBIA Monteblanco Purple Caturra Tropical Washed

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Size: 50g

Grind: Whole Bean

【Cupping Comment】

① A standout pineapple lychee flavor.

② The acidity and sweetness of orange, mango, and other yellow fruits.

③ A long-lasting refreshing aftertaste of coconut juice.



【Region】 Huila

【Farm】 Monteblanco / Rodrigo Sánchez


【Variety】 Purple Caturra

【Process】Tropical Washed

【Roast Level】 1 Light Roast 

【Flavor】   lychee、 pineapple、orange、mango、coconut

From Barista

Experience the overflowing juiciness of pineapple followed by the refreshing tartness of orange and the sweetness of mango, leaving an aftertaste reminiscent of coconut juice. This coffee pairs excellently with ice, making it perfect for those looking to enjoy a refreshing drink on a hot day!

 【Recommended Brew Method】

Espresso・V60・AeroPress ・American Press・Cold Brew

Start date of handling】 2024, 6/13

We ship coffee beans within 7 days of roasting.  

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◉生産処理について|Tropical Washed

この特殊な生産処理はRodrigo 氏が何年にもわたって研究と試行錯誤を重ねたどり着いたレシピです。


This unique process is the result of years of research and experimentation by Mr. Rodrigo. The fermentation tanks are filled with pineapple, passion fruit, orange, mango, sugarcane, and other microbes that promote fermentation. As the product name suggests, it is designed and fermented to emulate the taste of a fruit punch made with tropical fruits.



モンテブランコ農園は標高1,730m、Huila 県 Acevedo 市 San Adolfo 管轄のLa Tocora 村に位置しています。周辺には、国内59 か所に点在するコロンビア国立自然公園保護地域の一つであるCueva de los Guácharos 国立自然公園があり、スアザ川の谷間に近いことも特徴です。

平均気温は16℃~22℃、日照時間は年間1,700 時間で、コロンビア平均より300 時間ほど長くコーヒーの木を光に長く当てることが出来ます。

Monteblanco Farm is located at an elevation of 1,730 meters in the village of La Tocora, within the San Adolfo jurisdiction of Acevedo city, Huila Department. It is near the Cueva de los Guácharos National Natural Park, one of Colombia's 59 national park protected areas, and close to the valley of the Suaza River.

The average temperature ranges from 16°C to 22°C, with approximately 1,700 hours of sunlight annually. This is about 300 hours more than the Colombian average, allowing coffee plants to receive extended exposure to light.



Monteblanco Farm is currently owned by Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia, who continues the tradition of his family's farming heritage passed down from his grandfather.

He owns multiple farms and leads the entire process from tree germination and cultivation to harvesting, processing, and exporting.

14ヘクタールの小さなモンテブランコ農園では、Geisha、Pink Bourbonなどの様々な品種を栽培しており、自社のウォッシングステーションや乾燥設備を完備しています。


The small 14-hectare Monteblanco Farm cultivates various varieties including Geisha and Pink Bourbon, and is equipped with its own washing station and drying facilities.

Additionally, to facilitate specialty processing, the farm not only has tanks for conventional anaerobic fermentation but also features a refrigerated room for precise temperature control and specialized tanks dedicated to natural process fermentation. This allows for a diverse and high-quality production process.


コロンビア内のコンクールであるYara Champion Program 2017 にて、Bourbon-Rose という品種で優勝をものにし、翌年同じ品種でYara Champion Program 2018 の準優勝を獲得しました。更に、2019 年に行われたヨーロッパの団体が主催するRoasters Unitedという大会では、Purple Caturra Washedで優勝、2020 年にも同品種で3 位を獲得しています。