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BRAZIL Tomio Fukuda DOT

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters


Origin Brazil

Roast Level 4 Medium roast

Aftertaste】 5

Sweetness】 5

Flavor】 3

honeynutssyrupred applebrown sugar


Location Cerrado 

Farm Fazenda Bau,Tomio Fukuda 

Elevation 1100m 

Varieties】  Mundo Novo

Processing】  Natural DryOnTree


Cupping comment


① slight honey sweetness

② Savory nut flavor

③ Smooth finish with brown sugar richness and faint apple

 A drier tree is used to harvest  the coffee that is left on the tree until it is completely dry.

The coffee berries absorb plenty of nutrients and remain sweet even before they are picked on the tree.

By drying on the tree, normal sun drying (natural manufacturing method) is not required, and it is stored in a wooden storage (Turya) as dried  coffee cherries after harvesting.

By leaving it as dry cherries, the richness of the taste increases and the coffee develops a deep flavour.

Mundovobo DOT, the plantation Mr. Tomio Fukuda himself always visits , maintains the state of the tree, and also performs maintenance and management. This is a bean that is rich in sweetness like honey and rich in the flavor of nuts unique to Brazil.


Recommended brewing method




【from Barista】

Exaggeratedly you’ll simply be satisfied even only by the nutty aroma!

Being given a soft and gentle drinking feeling, 

the power goes out of your body without control!

We also suggest you try it with spicy foods!

【from Roaster】

Round body and soft impression give us a sense of safety.

To bring out the gentle warmness I carefully and gradually applying heat when roasting.