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Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters


【Origin】Rwanda Remera Lot 09

【Roast Level】 2.5  Medium roast

【Aftertaste】 4

【Sweetness】 4

【Flavor】 4

white peach・mango・orange・syrup・fruits tea


【Farm】 Remera Washing Station 


【Varieties】  Bourbon

【Processing】 Washed

【Cupping comment】

The sweetness of a compote of white peach and the thickness of mango

Sweet, fresh and clear flavor like oranges in syrup

③ A long after-taste like fruit tea

First of all, the rich acidity and sweetness of a sweet compote of white peaches.

From there, it is a coffee with a rich, fruity taste that disappears with a mellow and smooth mouthfeel with mango, and a gorgeous and clear taste like fruit tea.

Beans grown by more than 3,000 smallholders are brought to the Lemera washing station, but without good management it is impossible to make good coffee with beans of this size.

It is a bean that you can enjoy the quality flavor and pleasant sweetness of coffee.

Recommended brewing method
EspressoV60Aero pressAmerican press


【from Barista】

Beautifully sweet cup, and tastes like fruit tea as it cools.

Matches perfectly with fruits or dessert.

This coffee brings you a happy tropical time


【from Roaster】

Clean and clear at first glance, but also sexy and attractive to people.

I always concentrate my attention on drawing the maximum of its sexiness.