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【Limited】NICARAGUA La Bendicion Washed

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters



【Roast Level】 2 Light Roast

【Aftertaste】 3

【Sweetness】 5

【Flavor】 4



【Location】Nuevo Segovia

【Farm】La Bendicion/Luis Alberto

【Elevation】 1260m

【Varieties】  Pacamara



【Cupping comment】

①Refreshing and fresh, with a hint of muscat

②Sweetness and acidity of apple and cherry

③Silky mouthfeel


This is a delightful coffee that starts with a refreshing taste of fresh muscat grapes, followed by a variety of red fruits such as apples and cherries.

It has a silky mouthfeel with a pleasant aftertaste that lingers on for a long time. 

Luis Alberto, the owner of La Bendición Estate, has won several times at COE for his excellent coffee.

From this year, it finally became able to contact with him directly and learn more about what effort he has paid into making this coffee.

We hope you can enjoy this special coffee.


【Recommended brewing method】

Espresso・V60・American press・Kinto