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【Limited】GUATEMALA COE 2019 Guatalon Pacamara

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters



【Roast Level】 1 Light roast

【Aftertaste】 5

【Sweetness】 5

【Flavor】 4


【Location】Santa Rosa de Lima Belen

【Farm】 Guatalon/Juarez Solares,Guillermo Antonio


【Varieties】   Pacamara

【Processing】 Washed


【Cupping comment】

①The fragrance of cherry and jasmine with a soft scent

② Juicy acidity and sweetness like biting guava

③ The lingering citrus scent, like orange, lasts for a long time

Cherry-like sour and jasmine scent softly wraps your tongue.

Fruity beans that give off a juicy acidity and sweetness like guava juice when you continue drinking, and you can enjoy the aroma of orange throughout.

As expected, it is a COE awarded bean, a clean cup and has a very smooth texture.

At the COE order cupping in 2019, we decided to purchase it because of the taste that changes from cherry to orange every drink and the smooth texture is comforting, and there was no such taste pattern in the LCR Guatemala lineup until now.

There are some points where large roasted pakamara take special care of roasting. During the temperature setting, if the green beans are put into the roasting machine at the same as other washed coffee, the calories wouldn’t be sufficient, and the flavour won’t develop.

In a sense, this roasted coffee displays the subtle control of the roasting machine, which greatly affects the taste.

Recommended brewing method
EspressoV60Aero pressAmerican pressKinto


【from Barista】

A healing and bright jasmine scent goes through your nose

when you get your mouth close to the cup,

to make you feel so special.

Just brighten up a special day with this great feeling


【from Roaster】

Just like a slender and intelligent adult, I keep it in mind to directly express this outstanding gracefulness when I roast it.