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【Limited】COSTA RICA Finca Sabana Redonda

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters


【Origin】Costa Rica

【Roast Level】 1 Light Roast

【Aftertaste】 5

【Sweetness】 5

【Flavor】 5


【Location】Sabanilla de Alajuela Central Valley

【Farm】 Finca Sabana Redonda

【Elevation】 1450m-1600m

【Varieties】  SL28

【Processing】 Natural

Grape・Mango・Mascat・Passion fruit・Sugar cane


【Cupping Comment】

①A great first impact of grape and mango

②Bright fruity hints of muscat and passion fruit

③Long lasting pleasant sweetness like sugar cane

Grape and mango like flavor can be felt at the first sip with a great impact. Then you will find muscat flavor and sweetness like passion fruit which is very pleasant.

The harvest time and processing of the coffee beans are carefully controlled at Las Lajas, a traditional Costa Rican micro-mill.

As harvest approaches, they measure the sugar content of the cherries and start harvesting at the best time when the sugar content comes to around 22 degrees, to ensure a ripe and uniform coffee.

SL28 is originally grown only in Kenya but has been actively transplanted to Costa Rica in recent years and we are seeing more and more SL28 in Costa Rica but it is still pretty rare.

Please try this unique coffee with its great impact!





【Recommended Brew Method】

Espresso・V60・Aero press・American press・Kinto