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【Limited】COSTA RICA Finca La Alquimia

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters


【Origin】Costa Rica

【Roast Level】 1 Light Roast

【Aftertaste】 5

【Sweetness】 5

【Flavor】 4

Lily・Orange・Dry fruits・Syrup・Smooth


【Location】Grecia Naranjo West Valley

【Farm】Finca La Alquimia

【Elevation】 1300-1600m

【Varieties】  SL28



【Cupping comment】

①Floral like lily flowers

②Orange like juiciness and complex sweetness like dried fruits

③Long syrupy aftertaste

An elegant flavor of lily flowers along with a pure orangey citrus acidity, and a complex sweetness of dried fruits. The aftertaste is thick and syrupy, but not persistent, and fades away gradually with an elegant sweetness.

SL28 is originally grown only in Kenya but has been actively transplanted to Costa Rica in recent years and we are seeing more and more SL28 in Costa Rica.

Washed process is also an unique point of this coffee which is pretty rare in Costa Rica.

It is interesting to note that the taste of coffee varies greatly depending on the soil and the process methods, and this coffee is full of originality because of these 2 points.

【Recommended brewing method】

Espresso · V60 · Aeropress · American press・Kinto