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【Limited】COLOMBIA Beraca Milton Sarria Geisha

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters



【Roast Level】 1 Light roast

【Aftertaste】 4

【Sweetness】 5

【Flavor】 5

jasmine・citron・orange・plum・syrup・green apple


【Farm】 Beraca/Milton Sarria 


【Varieties】   Geisha

【Processing】 Washed


【Cupping comment】

①Bursting jasmine flavor

②Refreshed yuzu-like aroma and green apple-like juiciness

③Acidity like plum and syrupy sweetness.

The overwhelming jasmine flavor first impact unique to Geisha can be felt easily. It has a refreshing citrusy, yuzu-like aroma and a green apple-like juiciness. The second half of the coffee is a plum-like, with syrupy mouthfeel and a sweet finish. 

Despite that Geisha is a very delicate caltiver, this coffee from Columbia Beraca is a great lot with a very consistent high quality.

It's a very delicate process to roast Geisha, and to get the most out of Geisha’s excellent potential it's very important to manage every second of the roasting.


Recommended brewing method
EspressoV60Aero pressAmerican pressKinto