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【Kissa limited】ETHIOPIA Gesha Village Shaya

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters



Roast Level 1 Light roast

Aftertaste】 5

Sweetness】 4

Flavor】 5

jasmine・kumquat・tangerine juice・lemon

Location Benchi Maji

Farm Gesha Village Shaya

Elevation1909-2069 m 

Varieties】 Gori Gesha 

Processing】 Washed


Cupping comment

① Gentle and refreshing flavor of jasmine

② Juicy and rich sweetness like kumquat

③ Sweet and refreshing aftertaste like a mix of tangerine and lemon

The jasmine flavor of Gesha coffee,, but with the luxurious taste from the juicy sweetness of kumquat spreading in the palette.

The lingering sweetness of orange juice continues for a while after,  giving it an elegant taste.

Up to now, three varieties of Geshachaka were mixed and had various flavors, but since this shaya started  picking only high quality varieties called Gorgesha, the flavor has been refined. The jasmine and kumquat notes have become very clear.

When we chose these beans, this variety left a big impression, so we chose these from among the many Gesha varieties.

Recommended brewing method

V60・Aero Press・American PressSiphon