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INDONESIA Wahana Long Berry

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters



【Roast Level】 3 Medium roast

【After-taste】 3


【Flavor】 4

herb・butter cookies・hard candy・orange・nuts

【Location】Sumatra Utara Dairi Sidikalang Lae Makumur

【Farm】 Wahana 


【Varieties】   Long Berry

【Processing】 Washed

【Cupping comment】

① Refreshing herbal flavor

② Butter cookie-like sweetness  

③ The scent of nuts with a slight lingering orange taste

You can feel the unique herbal essence of Indonesian beans in the first mouth, but the heavy earthiness is not overpowering , and you will be surprised by the fruity and refreshing notes. As you continue to drink, the sweetness comes out firmly, and the cookie sweetness and faint orange flavor disappear after the swallow.

The long berry varieties are named for their similarities to the Long Berry Haller, a Tipica mutation. The bean looks unique and is an interesting bean that we never get tired of.  


【Recommended Brewing Method】

Espresso・V60・Aero Press・Cold Brew

【from Barista】

[OH! So different from the Indonesian I’ve ever had!!]

Absolutely yes!

A really gentle soft body, and buttery mouthfeel.

The liquid smoothly slips down when you swallow.

A nice choice for somewhen to relax!


【from Roaster】

A large build with a pair of gentle drooping eyes.

There exists a pleasant air that you would never expect from its appearance.